• Tamer

    Animal tamer; cat trainer.

  • Teeterboard

    A seesaw-like board in which a performer stays in one end of the equipment while one or a group of other performers jump on it to lauch the first performer into the air onto another platform.

  • Telepathy

    The ability to know the thoughts of another artist without using words.

  • Tentmaster

    The person in charge of setting up and taking down a circus tent; boss canvasman.

  • Tight Rope

    A fabric cord in which acrobats walk along.

  • Tight Wire
    A metal cable tied to two extremities; low wire.
  • Traditional

    The artist who is born and brought up, lives and performs in a family circus.

  • Traditional Circus

    Circus in which family members up to four generations are born, raised, live and die in the circus.

  • Trailer

    Vehicle drawn by a car or a truck in which artist live.

  • Trainer
    Professional who conditions small, medium and large animals to perform tricks in the circus ring.
  • Trampoline

    Circular elastic surface held tight in the extremities for acrobats to use as a springboard to perform flips and somersaults. 

  • Trampoline

    Round elastic surface attached to a structure held together by springs used to gain impulse and jump high.

  • Trapeze

    Horizontal suspended bar hung between two cables.

  • Traveler

    Artist who travels from place to place.

  • Trick
    Any specific exercise in a circus act.
  • Trinka
    A small inclined bench on which foot jugglers and icarists lie down to perform their act.
  • Troupe

    Group of traveling artists who perform in circuses, theaters and outdoors.


Glossary Consultant - União Brasileira de Circo Itinerante (Brazilian Union of the Travelling Circus)