Abelardo Pinto Sobrinho

São Paulo, Brazil, 1938- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1994

Acrobat, equilibrist, and trapezist. As a child he had his early education in the circus. Son of Raul Pinto and Clotilde Mange Pinto, he is of the third generation of the Pinto family. He is also the nephew of the clown Piolin (Abelardo Pinto). His first appearence in the circusring was at age four with his father. Of the many acts he performed, he was best known as the base of the mounter, Milton Fabbri, in pearch acts, for twenty two years. He worked in a variety of circuses such as Piolin, Irmãos Walton, Charles Barry, Irmãos Bartholo, Romano, Rosário, Irmãos Temperani, Apolo, Garcia, Vostok, Húngaro, Royal Dumbar, Gran Circo Norte-Americano and Stankowich. He also lived in Chile, México, Peru and the United States where he performed for the circuses Star, Egred and Athayde. Apart from being an artist, he taught for Academia Piolin de Artes Circenses in São Paulo (1978 - 1979) and in the Escola Nacional de Circo in Rio de Janeiro (National Circus School,1984 – 1993), where he was one of the directors. His name can be found in the book, Le Grand Livre Du Cirque.

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