• Bakstage

    Area behind the stage.

  • Balancing Pole

    Long pole used to help a performer keep his balance on the  high-wire.

  • Ball

    Big sphere made from resin in which an artist walks and balances on top of .

  • Banquilha

    Suspended plattform where the trapezists wait before starting their presentation.

  • Bar

    Horizontal bar supported by the shoulders of two base acrobats with a third performing on top of it.

  • Barrière

    Uniformed people (or artists) that stand around the border of the circusring readily available to help during the show. 

  • Base

    The person who acts as the base of a human pyramid supporting other acrobats; bottom man; bottom woman.

  • Basket

    Circular structure made by wooden strips resembling a basket, in which a cyclist rides a bike within it while the basket slowly moves up and down.

  • Bed of Nails

    Flat piece of wood with several nails pointing upwards out of it. It is used by a fakir that lies on it without injuring himself.

  • Big Top

    The circus tent; chapiteau.

  • Bleachers

    Rows of connected seats for the audience.

  • Bolleadora

    Traditional act performed by Argentinean and Gaucho dancers with two weights attached at both of the ends of two thin ropes.

  • Butcher

    The one (or artist) who sells candy or refreshments in the brake of the show.


Glossary Consultant - União Brasileira de Circo Itinerante (Brazilian Union of the Travelling Circus)