• Eccentric

    The artist with a colored face and red nose, a hat and oversized clothes and shoes whose role is to entertain the public; auguste.

  • Entrée (French)

    Clown piece showing a dramatic and short story scene.

  • Equestrian Vaulting

    Acrobatic acts in which artists display different poses while riding horses.

  • Equestrian; Equestrienne

    Artist who performs on horseback while the horse is trotting around the circusring.

  • Equestrienne
    A female equestrian, or horse trainer, horse presenter, or acrobat on horseback.
  • Equilibrist
    Artist who perform balancing feats, such as wire, bicycle, unicycle, ball; funambulist.


Glossary Consultant - União Brasileira de Circo Itinerante (Brazilian Union of the Travelling Circus)