• Cabaretier
    The one who conducts the show; ringmaster.
  • Cachê

    A fee that the artist receives after the performance.

  • Cannon

    A metal tube with an apparatus inside it used for propelling an artist out of the cannon.

  • Caravan

    A group of artists or vehicles touring together.

  • Card Magician

    Artist who performs card magic tricks.

  • Card Manipulation

    Magic tricks with cards.

  • Casse-Cou

    A front or a foward somersaut.

  • Catcher
    Trapeze artist that catches the flyer in the air; porteau.
  • Cats

    Wild animals such as lions, tigers and leopards performing in the circusring with a tamer.

  • Chalk

    White powder (magnesium carbonate) used by trapezists - flyers and catchers -,  in their hands and wrists in order to absorb wetness and to avoid falls during the show.

  • Chambrière
    Long whip primarily used in equestrian acts and also in lasso and whip.
  • Charanga

    A small out of tune orchestra of percussion and wind instruments.

  • Charivari

    A compilation of various acts performed by clowns and other artists in the end of the show.

  • Chinese Pole

    Vertical pole from three to nine meters high on which artists climb and slide down while showing acrobatic poses.

  • Circensian
    Related to circus universe.
  • Circo de Cavalinhos

    The Brazilian circus with horse exhibitions in the 19th and 20th century. 

  • Circo de Tiro

    A traveling circus that comes and goes as fast as a shot. (Translated means "shot circus").

  • Circus
    Round and portable arena covered with a big top used for different aerial, acrobatic, comic and other performances.
  • Circus Advertising

    In the old days, an auguste used to announce the arrival of a circus while riding backwards on a donkey.

  • Circus Act

    Each sequence of movements and tricks shown by the artist on circusring with or without apparatus.

  • Circus Arts
    All the performances in the circusring, such as acrobatics, ground and aerial acts.
  • Circus Box Seats

    Private section for spectators in front of the circusring.

  • Circus Performer

    The one who perform circus acts.

  • Circus Poster

    Poster advertisement showing circus acts and artists for the upcoming season.

  • Circus Spectacle

    The circus show.

  • Circus With Bulls

    Open air arena where acrobats perform on bulls and other animals.

  • Circus-Theater

    Circus with circusring and a stage for presenting comedies, dramas and country musical duos.

  • Circusring

    A circular arena measuring nearly thirteen meters diameter in which artists perform circus acts. 

  • Clonete

    Woman clown.

  • Close-Up

    Magic trick performed very close to the spectators.

  • Cloud Walk

    Performance in which an artist walks upsidedown in an horizontal suspended ladder.

  • Clown

    White faced clown with black eyebrows, red lips, wearing a white paeté, small shoes, and a conical hat.

  • Clownese

    A female clown.

  • Club
    Object shaped as a bottle or a bowling pin used in juggler’s performances.
  • Comedy
    Comic act.
  • Comic

    An entertainer who owns the stage by telling jokes, provoking the audience and acting in a funny way.  

  • Construction

    Transportable structure covered with a tent or metal siding with a circusring and a stage for dramas and comedies; semi-construction.

  • Contact Juggling

    Performance in which an artist moves one or more balls in contact with the body without tossing and catching them in the air. 

  • Contemporary Circus
    Artists who come from circus schools in late twentieth century performing traditional circus acts in a new way with a script in each presentation.
  • Contortion

    Demonstration of great flexibility in which the artist twists his body in unusual positions.

  • Contortion

    The ability of twisting the body into uncommon positions.

  • Contortionist
    Artist who twists the body in weird and unusual positions.


Glossary Consultant - União Brasileira de Circo Itinerante (Brazilian Union of the Travelling Circus)