About Circodata


Circodata – the Brazilian Circus Dictionary is a virtual platform with information about the Brazilian Circus from the mid 19th century to the end of the 20th. The information includes:

  • Traditional Circus – travelling circus formed by foreign groups and families from all over the world that moved to Brazil. They started circus dynasties living and working in tents while focusing on acrobatic acts, juggling, clowns, and horses (and wild animals).
  • Contemporary Circus (Nouveau Cirque) – artists and groups that came from circus schools around Brazil, influenced by the new European way of performing in the late 1970s, displaying traditional skills out of the ring, in which a story is told.

The website is directed towards artists, researchers, teachers, students and Brazilian circus followers. The database is easily accessible for users of all ages. Due to its online format, the content is and will be continuously updated.

The project was conceived from interviews as well as primary and secondary sources, and the Internet; therefore, possible mistakes may be corrected whenever necessary. The entries themselves are categorized into artists, groups and circuses.

Circodata acts as a contribution to the already existing circus works and the collaboration of professionals within it come from various specialities.

The site has both an English and Portuguese version and is accessible in Libras – Língua Brasileira de Sinais - Brazilian Sign Language (BSL).

Circodata – Brazilian Circus Dictionary is supported by RUMOS Itaú Cultural.



Artists- Biographies

List of circus artists in alphabetical order with personal and professional information.


List of groups in alphabetical order with the name, origin and main performances.


List of circuses in alphabetical order with the names of the circuses and families, owners or founders of the circuses.


Family trees in alphabetical order, some of which include up until the fifth generation, displaying the connection of families through marriage.


List of alphabetical words pertaining to the circus universe.


Alphabetical compilation of books, articles and websites related to the Brazilian circus.

Terms of use

To all visitors who would like to reproduce a small part of the content we request that you please reference the site. All content of Circodata – The Brazilian Circus Dictionary is protected by the copyright law.