• Ladder Act With Bottles

    Performance in which an artist walks up and down a ladder with bottles on every other rung.

  • Largo do Paissandu

    Famous traditional square in São Paulo where, since the 1920s,  circus artists and circus businessman meet every Monday to find work and stay updated on their families. In 1926 the Circo Alcebíades-Piolin was held here.

  • Lasso and Whips

    The performance is presented in two parts. In the first part an artist quickly spins a lasso around him or in vertical and horizontal circles. In the second part the performer uses the whip to cut a cigarete held by another artist.

  • Longe

    Safety belt used by students in acrobatic acts and saults in order to correct the timing of the movement. 

  • Lyra

    Suspended mettalic hoop shaped as a lyre in which two acrobats perform. A variation of the static trapeze. Recently the shape  of the "hoop" has adopted other forms such as squares, rectangles and stars; aerial harp; lyre.


Glossary Consultant - União Brasileira de Circo Itinerante (Brazilian Union of the Travelling Circus)