• Safety Net

    A large net placed below the trapeze or the high wire in order to prevent injuries in case the artists fall.

  • Saltimbanco
    Artist that moves around constantly performing in the streets, markets and courts in the Middle Age.
  • Saltimbanco

    Popular traveling artist in the Middle Age and Renaissance who performed acrobatics, juggling, magic,  equilibrism, mimic and bear taming in the streets; funâmbulo.

  • Secretary

    The person in charge of finding the place to set up the circus and other managerial tasks.

  • Side Poles

    Short poles lining the outer edge of the circus tent.

  • Side Wall

    The canvas wall around the side poles.

  • Silks

    Aerial act in which an artist performs choreographical movements on two long pieces of fabric attached to the top of the tent.

  • Skater

    Artist who performs roller skating on a platform.

  • Sketch
    Brief comic presentation performed by a small group of actors.
  • Slack Wire

    A loose hanging cable wire attached to two extremities.

  • Snake Charming

    Artist who hypnotizes snakes. 

  • Somersault

    The act of placing hands on the ground and flipping legs over head to land with feet back on the ground. It is considered the most basic acrobatic movement. 

  • Somersault

    Body rotation in which an acrobat flips his head backwards or forewards over his heels in the air or on the ground.

  • Stand

    The place where the circus is set up in a town.

  • Stilts

    Two long pieces of wood or metal with a small plaform on top of it used by performers to appear taller.

  • Sword Swallower

    Artist with the ability to pass a sword down his throat.


Glossary Consultant - União Brasileira de Circo Itinerante (Brazilian Union of the Travelling Circus)