• Pantomime

    Dramatic performance without words in which artists tell a story with facial expressions and body movements.

  • Parade

    Entry of the artists in the circusring; spec.

  • Parody

    An exaggerated imitation of a scene or a play.

  • Partner
    Girl who helps the artist during the performance.
  • Peloticas

    1. In the late 19th and early 20th century "peloticas" was a word used by the Brazilian chroniclers to pejoratively refer to the circuses and circus acts. 2. Small balls used by jugglers (pelotiqueiros) in their acts.

  • Peludo (Slang)

    Circus workman; roustabout.

  • Perch

    Long vertical pole in which acrobats performs on top while a base supports it with his shoulder or forhead. 

  • Perchist

    Artist who performs on the pearch.

  • Plate Spinning
    Act of plates rotating on top of long and thin sticks.
  • Platform

    Suspended platform where the trapezists stay during their performance.

  • Politheama

    From the Greek word poli meaning several, and theama meaning show. The place where operettas, circus performances, dances, magic and horse acts are displayed. 

  • Praça da Bandeira (Bandeira Square)

    Traditional square in Rio de Janeiro where many circuses have been set up. It is the address of the National Circus School since 1982.


Glossary Consultant - União Brasileira de Circo Itinerante (Brazilian Union of the Travelling Circus)