Duba Becker
Eduardo Russo Becker

São Paulo, Brazil, ?

Acrobat, juggler, clown. He performed in the 31 European Juggling Convention in Germany and in La decima primeira and La decima segunda convention de malabares, circo y espetaculos callejeros, in Argentina, as well as at Circo Gaia and in spaces directed to the art, such as the Sarau do Charles and Palco Aberto of the III ECM and several street festivals. He represented Brazil in the Fit Argentina (2007), BTL Lisbon and Fitur Madri (2006). Before becoming a professional artist he studied clownery in Italy with Leris Colombaione and joined the Clown Workshops with Beth Dorgan. As a teacher, Duba led juggling workshops - iniciation and apparatus. Duba is part of the Cia Suno since 2003 and acted in the shows "O cientista e a lua", "Dia de festa", "O gigante Adamastor", "A bailarina e o palhaço", "Estripulias nocirco" and "Despautérios".

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