Intrépida Trupe

Intrépida Trupe was founded in 1986 in Rio de Janeiro with Dalmo Cordeiro and Ricardo Kamillo (both students at the National Circus School), Claudio Baltar, Vanda Jacques, Alberto Magalhães, ballerinas Beth Martins and Dani Lima, clowns Eduardo Andrade, Geraldin Miranda and Luís Carlos Vasconcellos (Xuxu), and Fernando Neder - who had the idea for the name of the group. The whole cast came from theater, circus and fine arts. Intrépida was the first group to renew the aestetics of dance and circus in performances. Due to this, the group became a national and international reference of the contemporary circus. In 1986, before organizing the company, part of them performed at the World Cup in Mexico. It was after this event that they came together to present the collective show "Intrépida Trupe". "ARN" (1990) was choreographed by Debora Colker and designed by Gringo Cardia, who was actively involved with the group in the beginning. Three years later, ARN2 drew the attention of the audience. In 1995, "Kab-ooo-M!", also directed by Colker, showed an ambitious mix of aerial acts and dance, combining 14 acts without a narrative. After touring throughout South America, Europe and the United States, Intrépida and the dancer Carlinhos de Jesus were invited to choreograph the front comissions for samba schools in Rio de Janeiro's carnival. Nowadays, the group works, rehearses, holds workshops and presents their shows at Fundição Progresso in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro and also partners with Ongs - Non Governmental Organizations. Out of the original creators, Vanda Jacques and Beth Martins, are the only ones who still take part there as well as other artists.

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