The group, Trampulim, was created in 1994 by Rogério Sette and Inimá Santos, both founders of the Spasso Escola Popular de Circo. In 1998, the group started working independentely of the school and became well-known in Belo Horizonte due to their research on clown techniques. In 2005, they were invited to study in Canada where they also toured. Besides their artistic activities, Trampulim develops educational projects and holds workshops while always incorporating the circus culture and that of the clowns. In 2006, the group celebrated 12 years of success showing "Uma dúzia de Trampulim" as well as exhibitions, videos and publications related to their activities including digital contents produced from their multimidia experiments. In 2007, the group organized the biennial meeting IMPETO - Invasão Mundial de Palhaços e Todos os Outros along with national and international artists. The objective was to improve the clown techniques and strengthen the relationship with the public in the State of Minas Gerais. Musical productions, such as the percussion show "Pratubatê", are also part of the repertoire.  Trampulin produced  more than 14 plays , three of them include "Uma surprêsa para Benedita" (2002), "Manotas Musicias" (2008) and "Experimento" (2015) and held 200 performances in the State of Minas Gerais. In result of their work the group was awarded The Most Extravagant Canadian Busker Idol, BDMG Cultural, Cena Minas, Funarte Carequinha, Myriam Muniz, and Prêmio SESC-SATED e SINPARC .

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