La Mínima

The group La Mínima was created when the actors Domingos Montagner and Fernando Sampaio were researching clown techniques at Circo Escola Picadeiro in São Paulo, under the guidance of Roger Avanzi (clown Picolino). In 1997, they formed the clown duo La Mínima and set out to further study the circus theater repertoire. Soon after they started performing their plays in the streets, markets and town squares.  One year later, they put on the production "La Mínima Cia de Ballet"  mixing humor and acrobatic parodies. IThroughout 15 years of activities the group has worked with the directors Leris Colombaione, Leo Bassi, Chacovachi, Fernando Neves and Álvaro Assad. In 2008, Domingos and Fernando received the award Prêmio Shell de Teatro São Paulo e Melhor Ator for the play "A Noite dos palhaços mudos". The duo has also organized Circo Zanni with other artists whose intention was to revitalize the small and medium travelling circuses throughout the country.

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