Circo Mínimo

Circo Mínimo was founded in São Paulo in 1998, by Rodrigo Mateus. The idea for the name of the company came from the play he was putting on at the time. Rodrigo participated in the 2nd Children's Circus Festival in Voiron, France. Soon after, he decided to move to Europe where he lived for four years. When he creturned to Brazil 1993, he starred in the play "Prometeu", directed by Cristiane Paoli Quito which was awarded best show in the Festival de Curitiba. In 1998, the play "!Deadly!, directed by Sandro Borelli was awarded the III Festival de Teatro Físico e Visual da Cultura Inglesa. In 1999, he received the Total Theater Awards People's Choice in Edimburgh, Scotland. In the same year he presented "Orgulho", directed by Carla Candiotto. To celebrate ten years of activities, he starred in the play "Moby Dick" (1999). Among his works include "Alados" and "Ladrão de Frutas", "Gravidade Zero" (2001); the collaborative creation "Babel" (2002); "João e o Pé de Feijão" (2006); "Road Movie" (2006); "Circo Máximo!" (2007); "Miranda e a Cidade" (2008) e "Nu Concreto" (2009). In 2010, he presented Circo Mínimo - 20 years, a repertoire of all his productions.

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