Cia Suno

Cia Suno was created in 1998 in Santos, São Paulo in search of new scenic research and experiences. The founders are Helena Figueira and the acrobat and juggler Duba Becker. Helena studied at CPT - Centro de Pesquisa Teatral (Theater Research Center)  and École National du Cirque Annie Fratellini, in France. The play "Esperando o Godot" represents the beginning of the company's new identity, whose purpose is to link scenic arts with the poetic universe of the circus, while still paying attention to the mask. The play received three awards for the best actor Victor Nóvoa. Throughout 15 years of performances they produced twelve theater plays, among them include "A Bailarina e o palhaço" and "Estripulias no circo". In 2008, they choreographed the front comission of the samba school X9 and Gaviões da Fiel (from 2009 to 2015 and 2017), both in São Paulo. Recently, Cia Suno was invited by the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur to represent the Brazilian circus art in Lisbon, Madrid and Argentina.

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