Nino Tasso
Luís Carlos de Oliveira

Paraná, Brazil, 1953

Equilibrist, cyclist, contortionist. His parents are David Wilson Diaz and Esperança Londsdorfer, both circus artists. He debuted at age thirteen at Circo Aquático Europeu (owned by Daly Palacios) acting in contortion and juggling acts, unicycle and trapeze. At ages seventeen he was presenting a successful roller skate act, but it was stacking six cups on his head whilst unicycling on a plattform that he achieved success and fame in many circuses such as Tihany, Real Moscou, Garcia, Orlando Orfei, Beto Carrero, Di Roma, Stankowich, Le Cirque, Norte-Americano, D'Itália and Vostok, as well in Europe, Latin America and in Las Vegas at Cassino Flamengo (1985-1989).

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