Santina Braguim Canales

São Carlos, São Paulo, 1925 - São Paulo, 2010

Actress, singer and comedian. She is the daughter of João Braguim and Regina Mussato, both Italian immigrants from Ruvigo. The couple came to Brazil to become farmers in São Carlos, São Paulo. When Circo Oni came to her hometown of Matão, Santina married Henrique Canales, one of the artists. After her brother-in-law, Roberto, left the circus in 1940, she and her husband formed the comic duo "Santinha and Pirulito". Together, they performed musical and clownish tricks. Santinha played the role of the clown which was not very common among women at that time. The couple had two children who performed in the circus during their childhood: Henrique Canales Junior and Luiz Albert Canales. When Oni closed down, all family members were contracted as actors in the defunct TV TUPI in São Paulo. Santina filled up three diaries telling the daily life of the Canales family.

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