Albano Pereira Neto

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 1913 - Brazil, ?

Acrobat, actor, cyclist, musician, hand-balabcer ande clown Fuzarca. He is the son of Alcebíades Pereira and Ester Ozon Pereira and belongs to the third generation of the Pereira and Ozon families. His paternal grandparents are Albano  Pereira and Juanita Pereira, and his maternals are Henrique Ozon and Marieta Borel. Albano Pereira Neto was born and brought up in the circus family and made his debut at four in the city of Campinas, São Paulo in 1917. After a few years, he started acting in the circusring by chance when the clown Piolin left the company and Albano's father took him as a replacement. 

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